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Set the mood for your retrospectives using Icebreakers

Setting the right mood during a retrospective meeting can make a big difference to the quality of your discussion and its outcomes.

Using Icebreakers to improve team culture

Getting the most out of your retrospective meetings requires a strong team culture.

When building a strong team culture, it is important to cultivate a psychologically safe environment where people feel comfortable sharing their honest views without any risk of repercussions to themselves. One technique you may wish to use to put people at ease is the use of icebreakers.

Icebreakers are simply techniques to clear any awkwardness that might naturally occur within teams, especially in teams with new members. Icebreakers can also help to promote a more positive and collaborative working culture.

Icebreaker questions

Perhaps the most known icebreaker technique is to ask interesting questions that give participants the opportunity to answer in such a way that lightens peoples' moods, and reveals something about their personality.

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Icebreaker bot

What if you've searched for icebreaker questions on the internet and none of them appeal to you? No problem, we've created the Icebreaker Bot to provide you with an endless supply of new and original icebreaker questions on a topic of your choice.

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Icebreaker Music & Video

Another format we have found to be particularly conducive to fostering discussion and a shared sense of experience is the use of music.

We designed our Icebreaker Music feature to do just that – to make it simple for you to share music or videos with all participants of your retrospective. Whether it's sharing a quirky video on YouTube to spark discussion, or sharing your favourite playlist on Spotify while collecting feedback, you're free to use Icebreakers however best works with your team.

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