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Who we are and what we stand for

TeleRetro's mission is to help your team do its best work, achieved through better discussions and better insights.

Better discussions

Sprint Retrospectives are perhaps the most vital mechanism in any Agile development process for surfacing issues and discovering opportunities for improvements in your team's workflow. Traditional in–person sticky–note retros were devised in an era before remote work was commonplace or even possible, and we believe the potential for new kinds of retros that support flexible working teams will transform how retrospectives are run.

We seek to use the very best user experience and design to give your team the tools you need to find and track issues that will help you improve your team's performance and morale. Whether your team is working remotely, or is co-located, we want to give each member the opportunity to have their ideas, concerns or suggestions heard.

Better insights

In-person retros struggle to support remote teams, and what could be useful insight is often lost or forgotten. Sticky notes are, literally, thrown in the bin at the end of each retro.

TeleRetro offers benefits ranging from being able to consult previous retros, discover trends, share findings, support remote or distributed teams, invite feedback throughout a development cycle, and the list goes on.

We seek to provide you with critical insight to help your team improve how it works. We want your team and your wider organisation to learn from past or ongoing issues.

Join us!

We're proud of our tool, but we're not done! We have a large and growing community of teams using TeleRetro, but we need your help to improve TeleRetro to suit your needs. If you have your heart set on something we should improve, please do get in touch, we'd love to help.

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