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Instantly create themed retrospectives with cutting-edge AI technology

Welcome to the future of retrospectives!

Retrospectives are more than just a regular meeting; they're a vital part of a team's rhythm, a space where insights, challenges, and aspirations come to the forefront. But crafting a retro that resonates with everyone can be time-consuming, often requiring a dash of creativity and a good deal of planning.

Enter Retro Bot. Using the latest in AI technology, Retro Bot transforms the process of planning retrospectives into an exciting and effortless experience. It's your new, friendly tool for creating retros that everyone will look forward to!

With Retro Bot, just give it a topic be it 'unicorns', 'cats', or anything else that takes your fancy, and watch as Retro Bot spins it into a fully-fledged retro in seconds! The possibilities are literally infinite, you'll never run out of interesting retros again.

Each retro is unique, tailored to your chosen topic, and guaranteed to engage your team.

How can I use Retro Bot?

Retro Bot is ready to transform your retrospectives today. Here's how to use it:

  1. Head over to your TeleRetro Dashboard and Start a Retro.
  2. Give Retro Bot a topic, press enter, and that's it!
  3. You will get an entirely new personalised retro format based on your topic.

Once your format is created, you are free to tweak to perfection by editing column names, descriptions and the image.

How does Retro Bot work?

Retro Bot is powered by cutting-edge AI technology, using OpenAI's ChatGPT. It uses advanced algorithms to understand your theme and generates a retro that's not only relevant but also fun and engaging. It's like having a creative assistant at your fingertips!

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Whether you're introducing new team members, celebrating a milestone, or simply aiming for a more efficient approach to regular retrospectives, Retro Bot adds that extra spark to keep things interesting and engaging. It's ideal for streamlining your retrospective process, making every retro quick, productive, and enjoyable.

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