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Uncover opportunities to boost communication, engagement & alignment with our new agile pulse survey tool, Pulse

Welcome to Pulse, the latest addition to TeleRetro's suite of tools designed to help your organization flourish. Pulse, a thoughtfully crafted pulse survey tool, aims to enhance communication, engagement, and alignment among your teams.

Offering a simple, user-friendly experience, Pulse collects valuable feedback from your employees, fostering a positive company culture and driving continuous improvement. Unlock the potential for better understanding and collaboration with Pulse, ensuring your organization's success.

Customising Your Pulse Survey

Crafting your Pulse survey is a breeze. Use our well-designed template or create your own custom questions tailored to your organization's needs. With Pulse, you have the flexibility to gather meaningful data, nurturing employee satisfaction and a strong company culture.

Pulse Survey editor

Running Pulse Surveys

Pulse's intuitive interface encourages team members to participate in regular employee surveys, whether individually or in a group session. They'll enjoy the straightforward process, while you'll appreciate the valuable feedback that promotes alignment and continuous improvement within your teams.

Pulse Survey in action

Cross-team Dashboard

After your surveys are completed, Pulse presents the collected data in an engaging and easy-to-understand format. At a glance, you'll identify challenges and opportunities across your entire organization. Pulse's powerful survey analytics and visualization capabilities empower you to make informed decisions, ensuring employee satisfaction and company culture growth.

Pulse Survey results

At TeleRetro, our mission is to support organizations in thriving through effective teamwork and communication. We believe Pulse will be a valuable addition to your teams as your organization continues to grow and scale.

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