Barbenheimer Retrospective

Retrospective Format

Barbenheimer Retrospective

Ken and Barbie are dressed in neon, rollerblading under an enormous rainbow mushroom cloud. Welcome to Barbenheimer, where Barbie’s sparkling journey of self discovery collides with the destructive power of Oppenheimer’s nuclear breakthroughs to create a fun and engaging retrospective sure to get your team talking! Strap on your rollerblades, zip up your lab coat, and dive into the fun-filled, electrifying world of Barbenheimer!

Warm up

Begin the retro with a fun game of 'Beach Off!'. Ken has just announced a Beach Off and has come to you for advice. He leans in, eyes hopeful, 'What's one vital lesson from the past sprint that could help me take home the trophy?'

Here's how to play:

  1. Turn on Brainstorming mode to keep participants' suggestions hidden.
  2. Ask your team to think of a crucial lesson from the past sprint, that could help Ken win.
  3. Have your team share these lessons as cards under the '🏝 Beach Off!' column.
  4. Once everyone finishes, bring the hidden entries to life by turning off Brainstorming mode, and enjoy a fun discussion as you go through each lesson!

🏝 Beach Off!

Be Ken's coach and share a vital lesson from the past sprint that could help Ken clinch victory from the other Kens.

👱🏻‍♀️ I Am Become Barbie

Just like Barbie, we all evolve and learn. What are some transformations and learnings your team experienced during the last sprint?

🌵 Desert Trials

The journey to achievement is often fraught with challenges and obstacles. What are some of the significant hurdles of the past sprint and how were they handled, or how could they be handled in the future?

💥 Atomic Triumphs

Whether small or big, every victory contributes to the journey. What are some of your team's successes from the past sprint that are worth celebrating?

💖 Ken-gratulations

Recognize the team members who really did more than Kenough in the sprint. Who shone even brighter than Barbie herself?

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