Pancake Flipping Retrospective

Pancake Flipping

Dive into the sweet and savory world of teamwork with Pancake Flipping retrospective. This delicious format will help your team identify their strengths, areas for improvement, obstacles, and sources of support, all while celebrating the spirit of Pancake Day.


Kick off the session with our GIFs Sharing feature by showcasing your favourite pancake gif, whether it's a pancake flipping fail, a cute animal eyeing a stack of pancakes, or even a mesmerising pancake art creation. This playful start is perfect for easing everyone into a relaxed mood, boosting engagement, and setting a positive tone for the retrospective.

🥞 Fluffy Strengths

Explore team's key strengths for success and resilience

What are our "fluffy strengths"? Consider the ingredients or skills that make our team successful and resilient, just like a perfectly fluffy pancake.

🍯 Sticky Situations

Discuss challenges and areas needing improvement

What are the sticky situations we face? Think about the challenges or "sticky" areas that need improvement, akin to dealing with an overly sticky syrup bottle.

🔥 Burnt Edges

Reflect on past mistakes and current obstacles

What are our burnt edges? Reflect on the mistakes or obstacles that have "burnt" us in the past or threaten to do so if not addressed. This can include external pressures, deadlines, or internal conflicts.

🍴 Perfect Flip

Highlight supportive tools, processes, or team members

Who or what will help us achieve the perfect flip? Identify the tools, techniques, or allies that can help us overcome our obstacles and improve our performance. This could be a new tool, a process improvement, or a supportive colleague.

This format, themed around Pancake Day, not only makes the retrospective session fun and engaging but also allows team members to explore their contributions and challenges in a creative and light-hearted manner.

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