Squid Game Retrospective

Source: Netflix

Squid Game

You've seen it, now play it (from the safety of your desk)! Inspired by the Netflix hit Squid Game, this retrospective format is certain to be a talking point, and push your team to consider your project from a different perspective. There are no spoilers below, so please read on!

How to run this retro

Get the adrenaline flowing by starting with an all-stakes game: Guess the Number!

  1. Switch on Brainstorming mode to prevent participants from seeing each other's answers.
  2. Have your facilitator pick a number between 1-456.
  3. Invite your team to submit their answers in the 'Game Round' column, along with their name.
  4. While people are guessing, play the Squid Game theme song using our IceBreaker feature.
  5. After everyone has voted, switch off 'Brainstorming' mode, and have the facilitator reveal their chosen number.
  6. The winner is the person whose number is closest! Show your appreciation with a Gif (via the Giphy button on the bottom left of the retro board)!

🎲 Game Round

Guess the facilitator's number between 1 to 456. Stay safe!

🛡️ Defence

What threats or issues do we face?

🔪 Offence

What do we need to do to survive and thrive?

❌ Elimination

What slows us down and needs to be eliminated?

💰 The Winners

Pay tribute those deserving recognition

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