Super Bowl Retrospective

Super Bowl

The Super Bowl isn't just a game; it's a monumental event that captures the spirit of competition and teamwork. Embrace the energy of this iconic sports spectacle with the Super Bowl retrospective. Rally your team and tackle your challenges with the same enthusiasm and strategy as the world's greatest football players.

Step off the field of everyday tasks and into the stadium of reflection and strategic planning with this engaging retro template.


Use our IceBreaker feature to watch some of the most memorable Super Bowl commercials together as a team, to get everyone laughing and geared up for the session.

🏈 Touchdowns

What successes have we recently scored as a team?

🏟 Field Goals

What smaller, yet significant, achievements are we aiming for?

🚩 Penalties

What obstacles or setbacks are we facing?


Who has demonstrated outstanding performance and deserves recognition?

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