World Culture Retrospective

Retrospective Format

World Culture Retrospective

Embrace the vibrant diversity of cultures from around the globe with the World Culture Retrospective. This format is designed to bring cultural richness into your team's retrospective process, fostering a deeper appreciation for global traditions while addressing the challenges and achievements of your projects.

Warm up

Begin the retrospective with a game of "Passport." Embark on a global journey right from your meeting room. Let's explore different cultures as we share experiences or facts that have left an impression on us. Here’s how to play:

  1. Set the Scene with Music: Start by playing some world music using our Icebreaker feature to set a culturally rich atmosphere. This background music will enhance the mood and transport the team to various corners of the globe.
  2. Turn on Brainstorming Mode: Optionally activate Brainstorming mode to keep participants' entries hidden during the initial sharing phase. This adds an element of surprise and ensures that each contribution is unique and unbiased.
  3. Share Your Cultural Tale: Invite each team member to contribute by writing a note in the '🌍 Passport' column. Share a personal travel story, an intriguing cultural fact, or an experience that highlights the richness of global diversity.
  4. Unveil and Explore: Once all insights are gathered, reveal the entries by turning off Brainstorming mode. Take a moment to appreciate the variety of perspectives and cultural insights shared. Use this opportunity to explore each contribution, sparking discussions about different traditions, customs, and experiences.

This interactive warm-up activity not only fosters a deeper appreciation for world cultures but also promotes team bonding and inclusivity. Get ready to embark on an enlightening journey together!

🌍 Passport

Share a cultural story or fact

Each team member shares a travel story or a fact about a culture that intrigues them, enriching our team's global perspective.

🌽 Harvest

Celebrate our recent successes

Reflect on and celebrate recent team successes, invoking the spirit of joy found in festive moments around the world.

🧺 Marketplace

Exchange ideas for improvement

Marketplaces have long been hubs where cultures exchange goods and ideas. Bring your suggestions for how we can enhance our processes.

🏮 Lantern

Shed light on the challenges we faced

Use this space to identify and openly discuss the specific challenges encountered during the period. Like a lantern illuminating the surroundings, let's reveal and understand the issues that need our attention and thought.

🧘 Meditation

Share what lessons we've learned

Drawing on the ancient practice of meditation, take this time to collectively share the key lessons learned from our recent experiences. Consider how these insights can shape our approach and strategies moving forward.

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