Introducing Icebreaker Bot

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Hello! We are excited to introduce you to Icebreaker Bot 🤖! A bot that can generate an infinite supply of interesting and original Icebreaker questions, using the very latest in AI technology - OpenAI's GPT-3.

How can I use Icebreaker Bot?

Ice-Breaker Bot is available today. To use Icebreaker Bot is very easy:
  1. Head over to Icebreaker Bot page and sign in.
  2. Enter a topic and press 'Enter'.
  3. That's it! You will get an entirely new icebreaker question.
Checkout Icebreaker Bot
We invite you to give a try! We’d love to hear your experience or if you have any feedback. Reach out any time at:

Best wishes from the team at TeleRetro.
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