Introducing Retro Bot

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We're thrilled to introduce our latest fun innovation: Retro Bot 🤖! 

This dynamic bot harnesses the power of OpenAI to generate an endless variety of interesting and original retrospective formats.

How can I use Retro Bot?

Retro Bot is available today. To use it is very easy:
  1. Head over to your TeleRetro Dashboard and Start a retro.
  2. Give the Retro Bot a topic, press enter, and that's it!
  3. You will get an entirely new retro format based on your topic.
Checkout Retro Bot

We invite you to give it a try and explore its capabilities. We'd love to hear about your creative experiences with Retro Bot. 

Feel free to share your feedback or any amazing retrospective you create with us at:

Happy Retroing ❤️

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