Diwali Retrospective


It's that time of year again where families come together, homes are filled with the smell of traditional food and lights twinkle in every window. Yes, it's Diwali! The festival of light is the perfect time to take a step back and reflect on the past year.

The Diwali Retrospective format is designed to help teams identify areas of improvement and ways to move forward. This format is inspired by the festival of light and will help your team to shine a light on all that has been accomplished over the past year.

So grab a cup of chai, gather your team together and enjoy reflecting on all that has been achieved with our Diwali Retrospective.

🪔 Light

What shining moments brought us success?

🌌 Shadows

What problems were lurking in the shadows?

🌱 New Beginnings

What changes could bring us a brighter future?

🌟 Shining Stars

Who shone brightly and deserves our gratitude?

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