Gardening Retrospective

Gardening Retrospective

The Gardening Retrospective draws inspiration from the rich process of gardening to encourage teams to reflect on their achievements, challenges, and support mechanisms in a nurturing and constructive environment.


Begin our Gardening Retrospective with a refreshing GIFs Sharing feature moment by sharing your favorite gardening-related GIF. Whether it's an impressive time-lapse of a plant growing, a funny gardening fail, or an adorable animal helping (or hindering) in the garden, let's plant the seeds of creativity and fun right from the start. This engaging activity will help everyone to relax, foster a sense of community, and set a positive and growth-focused tone for our retrospective.

🌸 Blooms of Brilliance

What recent team accomplishments or contributions have stood out?

Discuss the standout achievements and exceptional efforts that have made a significant impact, celebrating these moments of brilliance as the beautiful blooms in your garden.

🍅 Harvest of Success

What tangible results or rewards have we reaped from our hard work?

Identify the successful outcomes of your projects or initiatives, akin to enjoying the ripe fruits and vegetables of a well-tended garden, acknowledging the hard work behind these successes.

🌵 Prickly Problems

What challenges or obstacles are currently hindering our growth?

Address the thorny issues or challenges that the team is facing, exploring ways to remove these barriers and prevent them from impeding your progress.

🌻 Sunshine Support

How can we support each other to ensure continuous growth and success?

Reflect on the support systems, encouragement, and resources needed to thrive. Like plants needing sunshine, discuss how you can provide support to each other for a flourishing team environment.

This retrospective format is designed to foster a positive and reflective discussion, encouraging teams to celebrate their successes, address their challenges, and support each other's growth in a creative and engaging manner.

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