Thanksgiving Retrospective

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As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, it's the perfect time for your team to take a step back and reflect on all that you've accomplished together. The Thanksgiving Retrospective format is the perfect way to get everyone in the mindset of gratitude and appreciation. This format is inspired by the spirit of Thanksgiving, and will help your team to identify things that you're thankful for, as well as areas of improvement.

Get together with your team, help yourself to a slice of pumpkin pie, and enjoy reflecting on all that you've achieved with our Thanksgiving Retrospective.

🍇 Cranberry Sauce

What was sour that could be improved?

🦃 Thanksgiving Dinner

What went well that we're thankful for?

🥧 Pumpkin Pie

What's been sweet and satisfying?

🙏 Giving Thanks

Who deserves thanks for their hard work?

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