Valentine's Day Retrospective

Valentine's Day Retrospective

Embrace the spirit of love, support, and collaboration with the Valentine's Day retrospective. Gather your team to reflect on the bonds that hold you together, the passion that drives your work, and the care that each team member contributes.

Step into an atmosphere of warmth and gratitude with this heartfelt retro template.

Heartfelt Welcome

Kick off the session with our GIFs feature by encouraging your team to share their favourite Valentine's Day GIFs. Create a positive and heartfelt tone for the discussion.

🌹 Roses

What are the strengths or unique qualities that we love about our team?

💔 Broken Hearts

What challenges or pain points are we facing that we need to address with care?

💝 Sweet Successes

What accomplishments made our hearts skip a beat?

💌 Love Letters

Write a note of thanks or encouragement to another team member for something specific they’ve contributed.

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