Wish & Wonder Retrospective

Wish & Wonder Retrospective

Step into the realm of possibilities with the 'Wish & Wonder' retrospective. This format encourages teams to envision a brighter future, sparking creativity and fostering a positive atmosphere. It's not just about identifying areas of improvement; it's about dreaming big and wondering about the potential changes that can elevate the team's performance.

When to Choose Wish & Wonder

Opt for 'Wish & Wonder' when you want to infuse a dose of optimism into your retrospective sessions. It's especially beneficial for teams that have faced challenging sprints and need a morale boost. By focusing on aspirations and potential changes, this format ensures that discussions remain constructive and forward-looking.

👍 I Like

What did we do well that we should continue?

Celebrate the successes and acknowledge the practices that have served the team well.

🙏 I Wish

What could we have done better?

Share aspirations and areas where the team feels there's an opportunity for growth, without dwelling on the negatives.

💫 I Wonder

What might we change?

Let your imagination run wild. Discuss potential changes, innovations, or strategies that could be game-changers for the team.

🌟 Shout outs

Who deserves praise for their efforts?

Take a moment to recognize and appreciate team members who went above and beyond, fostering a culture of gratitude.

The 'Wish & Wonder' retrospective is about hope and potential. It's a reminder that every challenge is an opportunity in disguise and that the future holds endless possibilities.

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