More Emoji, Assign actions & New retro formats

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New Features

All the Emoji

You now have the freedom to react to cards with any emoji.

Notes options β€Ί More reactions
Assign actions

Track actions easier by assigning actions to teammates.

Actions β€Ί Assign

New Retro Formats

Autumn πŸ‚ 

Let your team reflect on the beauty of change with this stunning retrospective format. 
Moon  πŸŒ–

Inspire your team to self reflect under Moonlight in this calm and uplifting retrospective format.

Chess πŸ‘Έ

Use the ancient game of strategy and tactics to improve your team’s performance.

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Fun icebeakers questions this month

πŸ§ͺ  If you could clone one person, who would you clone?
πŸ₯  What is one food that represents your culture?
πŸ“±  What is the most ridiculous reason you waited in line overnight?
🎡  What were your favorite songs from the year you were born?
πŸ₯£  Have you ever thought of starting a blog?
🍺  What beer goes best with pizza?
πŸ§€  What kind of cheese scares you the most?
⚽️  If you could create a sport, what would would it be?
πŸ˜‚  When did you last laugh hysterically?
🍁  Which season would you pick to live in for the rest of your life?

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