Cat Lovers Retrospective

Retrospective Format

Cat Lovers Retrospective

Meow! Bring your love for cats to your retrospective with our Cat Lovers format. This playful and engaging retrospective format celebrates the feline-inspired moments in your team's journey while still focusing on important topics such as successes, challenges, and team member recognition.

Warm up

Begin the retrospective with a game of "Cat Reactions". Ask each participant to think of a recent event or achievement in the project and describe how a cat might react to it (e.g., purring with satisfaction, pouncing with excitement, or sleeping through the whole thing). After sharing their cat reactions, invite team members to exchange thoughts on the imaginative responses and discover the valuable lessons hidden within, all while maintaining a lively and spirited atmosphere.

Once everyone has shared and discussed their cat reactions, proceed to the main activities of the retrospective.

🐈 Cat Reactions

During the retrospective, create a board section dedicated to sharing and discussing the game of Cat Reactions played during the warm-up.

😻 Purr-fection

Celebrate the achievements that made the team purr with satisfaction during the sprint.

🙀 Hairballs

Discuss the challenges and setbacks faced by the team, and explore ways to prevent them from happening or deal with them more effectively in the future.

🐾 Paws & Reflect

Take a moment to reflect on the team's overall performance and discuss areas for improvement or potential new strategies to adopt in the next sprint.

🏆 Cool Cats

Recognize team members who consistently display exceptional teamwork, dedication, and a positive attitude.

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