Pyjamas Day Retrospective

Pyjamas Day

Embrace the cozy comfort of a pyjama-themed retrospective to inspire openness and creativity among your team. The Pyjamas Day Retrospective is not just about wearing your favourite PJs; it's about bringing the warmth, ease, and personal stories they evoke into our collaboration and reflection process.


  1. Invite in Comfort: As a fun start, encourage everyone to wear their favorite pyjamas to the video call. It sets a relaxed, open atmosphere right from the beginning. Feel free to skip this step.
  2. Share Your PJ Tale: Kick things off with a short round of "PJ Tales." Ask each team member to share a quick story or interesting fact about their favourite/chosen pyjamas. It could be a funny anecdote, why they're their favorite, or even where they got them. This not only warms up the group but also builds a sense of personal connection and team spirit.
  3. Set the Tone with Music: Playing some light, relaxing background music can enhance the cozy vibe using our Icebreaker feature. Consider having a soft playlist ready as people join in and share their tales.
  4. Transition into the Retro: Once everyone has shared, segue into the main part of the retrospective by connecting the themes of comfort and openness from the warm-up to the goals of the session ahead.

🧸 PJ Tales

Share a cozy story or fun fact about your pyjamas

What makes your PJs special to you? Kick off the retro by sharing a little about your chosen pyjamas for today's session, whether it's a heartwarming story, a fun fact, or why they're your favorite comfort wear.

💤 Dreams

Explore aspirations and future visions for the team

What dreams do we have for our team? Discuss the larger goals and visions we aspire to achieve, focusing on how our collective dreams can shape our future path.

🌙 Reflection

Reflect on the past sprint's lessons and growth

What reflections do we have from our last sprint? Look back on the recent period to share insights, learning moments, and areas of growth, both as individuals and as a team.

✨ Innovation

Brainstorm new ideas and innovative solutions

Where can we innovate? Share thoughts on creative solutions, new approaches, and innovative ideas that could push our projects and teamwork forward.

🎆 Celebration

Celebrate achievements and recognize contributions

What successes can we celebrate? Highlight the wins and positive moments from our sprint, offering shoutouts to team members for their hard work and achievements.

This Pyjamas Day format, themed around comfort and open sharing, not only brings fun to the retrospective but also deepens our connection, creativity, and appreciation for each other.

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