Start Stop Continue Retrospective

Start Stop Continue Retrospective

The world of agile retrospectives is rich with formats, each tailored to different team needs and dynamics. Among these, the Start Stop Continue retrospective stands tall as a timeless classic. Its beauty lies in its simplicity, offering a clear framework for teams to reflect on their practices. Whether you're just dipping your toes into the agile waters or are a seasoned practitioner, this format provides a straightforward platform for meaningful discussions.

For teams seeking a more layered approach to their retrospectives, the Starfish format might be worth exploring.

When to Choose Start Stop Continue

Opt for the Start Stop Continue format when simplicity is the goal. It's perfect for teams that are new to retrospectives, ensuring that the process isn't overwhelming. But its straightforwardness also appeals to experienced teams looking to cut through the noise and focus on the core aspects of their performance. If your team values direct, clear-cut feedback and discussions, this format is a reliable choice.

🚀 Start

What are some new things that we can do to improve how we work?

Innovation and improvement go hand in hand. This column invites fresh perspectives and ideas. It's about exploring new avenues and strategies that can elevate the team's performance.

⛔️ Stop

What have we tried that isn't working and should drop.

Not all experiments yield positive results, and that's okay. This section is about recognizing what's not working and making the conscious decision to move away from it. It's a commitment to efficiency and effectiveness.

👍 Continue

What are we doing really well that we should continue doing?

Consistency is key to long-term success. Here, the team can highlight the practices that are delivering results. It's a celebration of what's working and an affirmation to keep the momentum going.

🌟 Shout outs

Who is doing a great job and why?

Recognition fosters motivation. This column is a space to celebrate team members who've made notable contributions. It's about acknowledging hard work, dedication, and the positive impact individuals bring to the table.

The Start Stop Continue retrospective is a testament to the idea that sometimes, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. By offering a clear and concise structure, it ensures that teams remain focused on continuous improvement, celebrating successes, and addressing challenges head-on.

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