Starfish Retrospective


Did you know that Starfish have 5 eyes, one eye on each leg? The humble Starfish is the inspiration for this popular retrospective format, and is in fact a variation on another popular retro format Start, Stop, Continue.

Where Start, Stop, Continue offers 3 black and white columns, Starfish offers an additional 2: Less of, More of. The intention being that while 'Stop' might be relevant for some suggestions, others may get lost, which is where Less of / More of help to catch the full spectrum of ideas that may come to your team.

This format may be useful for larger teams, or longer sessions, or where you expect there to be a range of nuanced perspectives that you are mindful to capture.

You can learn more about the original Starfish format at on Patrick Kua's original Starfish post.

👍 Keep Doing

What great things are we doing that we should continue?

⚠️ Less Of

What practices could be improved?

✅ More Of

What practices have potential if they were more widely adopted?

🚫 Stop Doing

What isn't working at all and should be dropped?

🚀 Start Doing

What are some new ideas that we might do well to try?

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