Summer Breeze Retrospective

Retrospective Format

Summer Breeze Retrospective

Let the refreshing spirit of summer inspire your retrospective with our Summer Breeze format. This bright and engaging retrospective format focuses on the sunny moments in your team's journey, while still tackling important topics such as successes, challenges, and team member recognition.

Warm up

Begin the retro with an entertaining session of "Sunny Symbols." Each participant selects a recent project event and represents it using a combination of emojis. The rest of the team then tries to guess the event based on the emojis shared. Set a light-hearted, breezy atmosphere to tie the game into the Summer Breeze theme. Remind participants that the goal is to have fun and enjoy the process, just like a day at the beach. This game is enjoyable, engaging, and encourages team members to think creatively while rekindling memories of recent project experiences.

😎 Sunny Symbols

During the retrospective, create a board section dedicated to sharing and discussing the game of Sunny Symbols played during the warm-up.

⛵ Smooth Sailing

Celebrate the team's successes and high points during the sprint.

🍦 Melting Moments

Discuss the challenges and setbacks faced by the team, and brainstorm ways to address them or cope with them more effectively in the future.

☀️ Bright Ideas

Share innovative solutions or creative thinking that emerged during the sprint and discuss how to implement or further develop these ideas.

🏄 Cool Surfers

Acknowledge teammates who effortlessly rode the wave of challenges, staying calm and focused under pressure while making a positive impact on the team's success.

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