WWW: Worked Well, Kinda Worked, Didn't Work

The WWW Retrospective

Retrospectives play a pivotal role in the agile journey, offering teams a structured way to reflect on their progress and challenges. While there are numerous retrospective formats available, the WWW retrospective stands out with its clear and concise structure, making it an excellent choice for teams looking for straightforward reflections.

When to Choose WWW

The WWW format is particularly beneficial for teams that appreciate clarity and directness. If your team is looking for a no-frills approach to retrospectives, without getting bogged down by too many categories or nuances, WWW is a solid choice. It's also ideal for teams that are new to retrospectives or those looking to switch things up from more complex formats.

👍 Worked Well

Things that worked really well

This column celebrates the team's successes. It's an opportunity to highlight what went exceptionally well, be it a process, a strategy, or individual contributions. Recognizing these achievements not only fosters a positive team spirit but also sets a benchmark for future endeavors.

🤔 Kinda Worked

Things that need some tweaking

This section is for constructive reflection. It's about identifying areas that showed potential but might need a bit of refinement. Whether it's a new tool that's still being integrated or a strategy that's almost there but not quite, this column encourages iterative improvement.

👎 Didn’t Work

Things that did not work

Openness is key here. This column allows the team to discuss challenges faced, without any blame. It's about understanding the hurdles and strategizing on ways to overcome them in the subsequent sprints.

The simplicity of the WWW retrospective is its main strength. It provides teams with a clear framework to categorize their reflections, ensuring that discussions remain focused and actionable. As with all retrospective formats, the ultimate goal is continuous improvement, and the WWW format is a valuable tool in achieving that.

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