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Hello! Today we're excited to introduce Pulse – our easy to use Pulse Survey tool designed to help you better understand your organization's health.

Pulse Surveys

Create & Distribute Effortlessly

Use our template or your own, easily distribute to all your teams, with our simple and engaging interface. 
Powerful Analytics

Our Cross-Team Dashboard makes it simple to identify challenges and opportunities across your entire organization.
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Be transported to a happy, vibrant world with your team and discuss your challenges from a completely new perspective in this Super Mario themed retrospective.

Spring 🌷

The Spring Retrospective format is the perfect way to take a step back and appreciate the journey your team has taken so far. 

Easter Egg Hunt  πŸ‡

Let your team reflect on the beauty of change with this stunning retrospective format. 

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Fun icebreakers questions for your next meeting

🧊 What's the most creative way you can think of to use an ice cube, besides cooling a drink?

πŸ€– If you had the chance to design a personal robot assistant, what would be its main function?
πŸ„ If you were a gourmet chef, what unconventional ingredient would you use in your signature dish?
πŸ—ΊοΈ If you could create a new country, what would its flag look like and what values would it represent?
🌌 If you could send a message to a distant galaxy, what would you say and what language would you use?
🎼 If you were given the ability to compose a masterpiece, what instrument would you choose and what emotion would it evoke in its listeners?
πŸš€ If you could visit any planet in our solar system, which one would you choose and why?
🎀 If you were asked to give a TED Talk, what would be your topic of choice?
πŸ“š Which fictional world would you choose to live in for a year, and what role would you play?
πŸ§™β€β™‚οΈ If you had the power to grant one wish for someone else, who would you choose and what would their wish be?

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