Easter Egg Hunt Retrospective

Retrospective Format

Easter Egg Hunt

Discover hidden gems with this fun and engaging retrospective format, inspired by the classic Easter egg hunt. Uncover standout aspects, celebrate achievements, and explore new ideas while reflecting on your project's progress.

How to run this retro

Kick off the retrospective with a fun warm-up activity called "Easter Egg Hunt Keywords":

  1. Switch on Brainstorming mode to prevent participants from seeing each other's submissions.
  2. The facilitator will choose a project-related theme or topic for the Easter egg hunt (e.g. collaboration, communication, or new features).
  3. Invite participants to think of one, two, or three keywords related to the chosen theme or topic that they believe were "hidden gems" or standout aspects during the project. These keywords represent their "Easter eggs."
  4. Ask participants to submit their "Easter eggs" as separate cards in a designated column called "Easter Egg Hunt" along with their name.
  5. After everyone has submitted their keywords, switch off 'Brainstorming' mode to reveal all the "Easter eggs."
  6. Briefly discuss the revealed keywords as a team, reflecting on their significance and impact on the project.

🥚 Easter Egg Hunt

Reveal the "Easter eggs" found during the warm-up activity and discuss their significance in the project.

🐇 Hopping Forward

Share the progress and achievements made throughout the project. What milestones were reached? How did the team adapt and grow?

🌷 Blooming Ideas

Brainstorm new ideas and suggestions for improvement. How can you build on the successes and lessons learned from this project?

🧺 Basket of Challenges

Discuss the difficulties and obstacles that the team faced during the project. How were they overcome? What can be done to prevent or mitigate these challenges in the future?

🍫 Sweet Successes

Celebrate the accomplishments of both the team and individuals. Recognize hard work, dedication, and outstanding results.

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