Agile Retrospective


The Agile Retrospective is perhaps the simplest and most well known retrospective format: What went well, What didn't go well, What needs to change. These three questions are at the heart of most issues any team might face, and what must be done to address them. This format is a natural one and suited for teams that are new to retrospectives or to seasoned teams that wish to skip right to the important questions.

We have added 2 additional columns that we have found useful when running our own retros: How do you feel, and Shout outs. People are often all too ready to share their feelings, and asking explicitly is a polite way to give them a platform to express themselves, and also to vent their concerns, which is a large part of what retrospectives are about. Be sure to capture concrete actions using TeleRetro's Actions features to make sure any existing issues are addressed.

Finally, shout outs are a great way to acknowledge who is doing a great job and is deserving of recognition.

Warm up

After introducing the columns, and inviting people to submit their notes, considering using our IceBreaker feature to play background music. This can be great fun and creates a relaxed atmosphere in which to generate ideas. Pause the music when you're ready to talk through the feedback shared as a team.

πŸ˜… How do you feel

Are you frustrated or delighted? Let your team know.

πŸ™‚ What went well

What went really well recently that we should do more of?

πŸ™ What didn't go well

What didn't go well that we should drop or improve?

πŸ’ͺ What needs to change

What are your suggestions what could help us work better?

🌟 Shout outs

Who is doing a great job and why?

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