Beer Tasting Retrospective

Retrospective Format

Beer Tasting Retrospective

A cold beer can lift your spirit and bring people together. The Beer Tasting Retrospective format is a fun and relaxed way to reflect on your team's achievements and discuss any challenges you may be facing. Just as every beer has a unique flavor, every team member brings something special to the table.

Warm up

To set the mood for the Beer Tasting Retrospective, we recommend starting with a virtual "cheers" as an icebreaker. Invite team members to share a favorite beer or beverage of their choice, and describe why they like it. This helps create a relaxed and inclusive environment.

Next, open the retrospective board for everyone to share their thoughts on the various categories. While team members contribute their notes, consider using the IceBreaker feature to play some traditional music in the background to recreate the atmosphere of German beer halls:

As the music plays, encourage team members to share their thoughts on the various categories in the retrospective board. The combination of engaging conversation and the beer-themed atmosphere should create an enjoyable setting for the Beer Tasting Retrospective.

🍺 Refreshing Brew

What aspects of our team's work felt smooth and satisfying?

🍺 Bitter Sips

What challenges or setbacks left a bitter taste in our mouths?

🍻 Cheers to That!

Which achievements and milestones deserve a toast?

🍺 New Flavors to Try

What new ideas or approaches should we explore to enhance our team's work?

🍻 Brewmaster's Award

Raise a glass to a team member who truly stood out with their exceptional contributions!

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