Four Ls (4Ls) Retrospective

Four Ls

The 4 L's is a simple and popular retrospective format for effectively surfacing both what is working well and creative solutions for what can be improved. If you have used this format before and wish to modify it, you may do well to retain the 'longed for' column, as it can surface particularly useful insights.

You can read more about the format in the original post by Ellen Gottesdiener at: The 4Lā€™s: A Retrospective Technique.

ā¤ļø Liked

What delighted you?

šŸŽ“ Learned

What new insight was learned?

šŸ˜¢ Lacked

What was missing or could have been done better?

šŸ™ Longed for

What change do you really wish for?

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