Four Ls (4Ls) Retrospective

Four Ls Retrospective

The Four Ls, encompassing Liked, Learned, Lacked, and Longed for, present a structured approach for teams to evaluate their practices and experiences. This format encourages a comprehensive reflection, ensuring that teams recognize their strengths while also identifying areas for growth.

When to Choose Four Ls

The Four Ls retrospective is suitable for teams seeking a clear and methodical review of their progress. It's especially beneficial at the end of significant milestones or projects, ensuring that teams appreciate their achievements while also setting clear objectives for future improvement.

❤️ Liked

What delighted you?

Highlight the practices or moments that positively impacted the team, acknowledging what went well.

🎓 Learned

What new insight was learned?

Discuss the insights and knowledge gained, ensuring that the team carries these learnings forward.

😢 Lacked

What was missing or could have been better?

Identify areas where there might have been gaps or where the team feels there's room for improvement.

🙏 Longed for

What change do you really wish for?

Express aspirations and changes that the team believes would enhance their workflow or overall experience.

The Four Ls retrospective format ensures that teams have a balanced view of their performance, fostering both acknowledgment of successes and a commitment to continuous improvement.

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