KALM Retrospective

KALM Retrospective

Navigating team reflections requires clarity and structure. The KALM format, drawing inspiration from traditional retrospective themes, offers just that. By focusing on Keep, Add, Less, and More, it provides teams with a straightforward framework to discuss both their achievements and challenges. Whether you're a team just starting with retrospectives or one that's well-versed in them, KALM offers a clear path to productive discussions.

When to Choose KALM

The KALM retrospective is versatile, making it suitable for teams at various stages of their agile journey. Whether you're a team that's new to retrospectives and looking for a structured approach or an experienced team seeking a fresh perspective, KALM provides a comprehensive platform to guide your discussions.

Warm up

To set the right mood for introspection and open dialogue, we've chosen a serene background image for your session. Enhance the ambiance further with some tranquil sounds using our Icebreaker feature. Immerse yourself in the calming atmosphere and let the discussions flow!

👍 Keep

What are we doing well that we want to keep?

This section is all about affirmation. Recognize the practices, strategies, or behaviors that are serving the team well. It's a nod to the positive strides and a commitment to maintain them.

🙌 Add

What should we add to improve how we work?

Innovation is at the heart of continuous improvement. Here, the team can discuss new ideas, tools, or practices that could enhance their workflow and overall performance.

⛔️ Less

What isn't working that we should do less of?

Not all practices yield the desired results. This column allows the team to identify what's not working optimally and discuss ways to scale it back or refine it.

❤️ More

What has potential that we should do more of?

Every team has budding practices that show promise. This section is about spotlighting those and discussing how they can be amplified for even better results.

The KALM retrospective format is a testament to the idea that reflection should be balanced, focusing on both strengths and areas of improvement. By offering a clear framework, KALM ensures that teams can navigate their discussions with clarity and purpose.

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