KALM Retrospective


The KALM retro format is a variation on the classic Agile retrospective format 'What went well', 'What didn't get well', 'What needs to change'.

Keep, Add, Less and More cover the essential talking points that lead to useful actionable outcomes, and so is a good choice for both inexperienced teams and for experienced teams looking for some variation.

Warm up

We've picked a calming background image to set a pleasant tone for your discussion. Why not pair your retro with some tranquil sounds using our Icebreaker feature. Set sail, and enjoy your trip!

👍 Keep

What are we doing well that we want to keep?

🙌 Add

What should we add to improve how we work?

⛔️ Less

What isn't working that we should do less of?

❤️ More

What has potential that we should do more of?

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