Mad Sad Glad Retrospective

Mad Sad Glad Retrospective

Emotions play a pivotal role in team dynamics and performance. The Mad Sad Glad retrospective taps into these emotions, offering a clear and concise platform for team members to express their feelings. By focusing on the emotional aspects, this format ensures that underlying issues, often overlooked in more task-oriented retrospectives, come to the forefront.

When to Choose Mad Sad Glad

Opt for Mad Sad Glad when you sense the need to address the emotional well-being of the team. It's especially effective after particularly challenging sprints or projects, ensuring that team members feel heard and understood. If you're looking to foster empathy, understanding, and a deeper connection among team members, this format is a top choice.

😱 Mad

What infuriates you or prevents you from doing your work?

This column is about venting frustrations. Whether it's a recurring obstacle, a process that's not working, or any other hindrance, it's a space to lay it all out and discuss potential solutions.

😭 Sad

What upsets you or do you feel we could be doing better?

Sadness often stems from missed opportunities or potential that's not fully realized. Here, team members can discuss what they feel is lacking or areas where the team could step up its game.

😄 Glad

What delights you that makes you feel we're doing a great job?

Every cloud has a silver lining. This section is all about celebrating the wins, no matter how big or small. It's a chance to acknowledge what's going right and to appreciate the efforts behind those successes.

🌟 Shout outs

Who have you found super friendly or helpful?

A little recognition goes a long way. This column is dedicated to celebrating team members who've made a positive impact, whether through their work, attitude, or by lending a helping hand when needed.

The Mad Sad Glad retrospective is a reminder that behind every task and project, there are human emotions at play. By addressing these emotions head-on, teams can build stronger bonds, address underlying issues, and pave the way for a more harmonious and productive work environment.

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