New Year Retrospective

Retrospective Format

New Year Retrospective

As fireworks light up the sky, we're ready to dive into the New Year Retrospective. It's time to reflect on the past and set our sights on the future, embracing both our achievements and the lessons learned. Let's toast to new beginnings and ignite the sparks of innovation for the year ahead!

🎉 Highlights & Reflection

Reflect on the defining moments of the past year. Share your team's standout successes and key learnings.

🎆 Let Go & Move On

Identify challenges from the past year to leave behind. Discuss what should not follow us into the new year.

🎇 Resolution Revolution

Set goals for the upcoming year. Share what the team aspires to achieve, both collectively and individually.

🌠 Sparks of Innovation

Brainstorm innovative ideas to drive progress. Discuss new methods, tools, or approaches for the upcoming year.

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