Lean Coffee Retrospective

Lean Coffee™️

Coffee houses have long been a place where people meet to discuss ideas. The Lean Coffee retrospective format aims to recreate the relaxed conversational environment you might find over a cup of coffee at your local cafe. Brainstorm new ideas, and discuss those pressing issues that you haven't until now had the time to address.

The Lean Coffee format is very simple to use, and has the nice feature that the agenda and discussions are set by and owned by the whole team.

You can learn more about the original Lean Coffee meeting format at

How to run this retro

This retro format is run a bit differently from other retros, but is easy to follow:

  1. Ask your team to generate as many topics as possible that they would like to discuss, placing these in the 'To Discuss Column'. Use our IceBreaker feature to play some cafe ambience sounds & music to make generating ideas more fun.
  2. Invite your team to vote for the topics they wish to discuss most. You can use our Voting feature, or vote with Emoji, whatever is your team's preference.
  3. Once voting is complete, start your discussions. Work your way through the most voted topics, placing them in the Discussing column as you do so, before finally placing them into the Discussed column once complete.
  4. Make sure to create any actions as you go using our 'Actions' feature to ensure your ideas are not lost. You can use our Integrations to automatically raise issues in your tool of choice whenever an action is created in TeleRetro.

☕️ To Discuss

What topics would you like to discuss?

💬 Discussing

Which topic are we currently discussing?

✅ Discussed

Which topics have we finished discussing?

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