DAKI Retrospective

DAKI Retrospective

DAKI stands for Drop, Add, Keep, and Improve, presenting teams with a clear and structured approach to retrospectives. This format encourages teams to critically assess their practices, ensuring that they continually evolve in their agile journey.

When to Choose DAKI

DAKI is particularly effective for teams that want to take a holistic view of their processes. It's ideal for those sessions where you want to not only identify areas of improvement but also recognize and build upon existing strengths. If your team is keen on actionable insights with a balanced perspective, DAKI is a reliable choice.

⛔️ Drop

Which behaviours or actions would we do well to stop?

Identify the practices or habits that might be holding the team back. It's about recognizing what's not adding value and considering its removal.

🙌 Add

Which behaviours or actions would we start?

Discuss new strategies, tools, or practices that could enhance the team's performance and productivity.

👍 Keep

Which behaviours or actions are we nailing and should keep?

Highlight the practices that are working well. It's an opportunity to acknowledge the team's strengths and commit to maintaining them.

🚀 Improve

Which behaviours or actions can we be doing better?

While some practices are good, they can always be better. This section is about recognizing those areas and brainstorming ways to elevate them.

The DAKI retrospective format ensures that teams have a comprehensive view of their performance, fostering both growth and consistency in their practices.

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