Plus, Minus, Interesting Retrospective

Plus, Minus, Interesting

Plus, Minus, Interesting (PMI) is a versatile thinking tool – a structured framework for analyzing the positives, negatives, and intriguing aspects of any given situation. With the PMI approach, step into this structured mindset and guide your team to view challenges and opportunities from multiple dimensions.

Shift away from linear thinking and embrace a more comprehensive approach with this insightful and balanced framework.

✅ Plus

Highlight and celebrate the team's successes and effective strategies

What has worked well for us? Identify and celebrate the successes and strengths of your team, acknowledging the strategies and efforts that have brought positive outcomes.

⛔️ Minus

Identify challenges and areas for improvement in an open, trusting environment

What challenges or obstacles have we encountered? Openly discuss the difficulties, mistakes, or areas where the team feels there's room for improvement, fostering an environment of trust and transparency.

💡 Interesting

Discuss unexpected findings and insights, fostering curiosity and learning

What have we learned or found intriguing? Share insights, unexpected outcomes, or interesting observations that emerged. This is a space for curiosity and learning, where the team can discuss the nuances and complexities of their experiences.

🚀 Next Steps (Optional)

Define actionable steps to build on strengths, address challenges, and explore new opportunities

Based on our Plus, Minus, and Interesting insights, what are our actionable steps forward? Set clear and achievable goals to leverage your strengths, address challenges, and explore new opportunities for growth and innovation.

At the end of the retrospective, always remember to acknowledge and appreciate each team member's contributions, recognizing the unique value they bring to the table.

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